Hello & Welcome!

Leona Woolfolk, B.A. Communications

For the past 5 years I have worked closely with many independent and published authors. Opportunities ranging from beta reading first novels, brainstorming plot ideas and directions, to line and developmental editing I have gained the skills to help you polish your novel for publication. In my spare time I enjoy reading (a lot), writing, blogging, gaming, and drawing and designing creations for our stationery store, Crafting By The Pound. When I’m not trying to conquer the world one creative project at a time I enjoy helping my professional friends take their craft or business to the next level.

Three month after we opened we immediately began to offer our services as beta readers for up and coming authors who were looking for a reader’s perspective on the novel. Soon after, we began to take on opportunities to help independent authors market their novels and series to their audience in a professional and timely manner. 

Continuing until our closing date we were trusted, and approached multiple times, by a handful of authors that appreciated our work ethic and attention to detail whether we were proofreading their novel, performing line edits, or helping them to brainstorm plot points.

What started out as a purely creative venture has blossomed into a business that wears many hats. From our lifestyle, book, and art blog to our freelance editorial services, and our stationery store we cater to a broad audience. With the merge of Literary Treasure Chest and Crafting By The Pound in May 2018 we were able to expand our clientele and services.


  • craftingbythepound@gmail.com